PT Denpoo Mandiri Indonesia (Denpoo Electronics) has appointed Maven Shepherd as its lead branding and design agency and will be working with them on a retained basis. Maven Shepherd will be responsible for the company’s brand development, execution and strategic implementation, with a focus on the electronics firm’s current branding projects.


The announcement:

PT Denpoo Mandiri Indonesia operates Indonesia’s leading home appliances manufacturing company, Denpoo Electronics.

“The home appliances and electronics retail landscape are undergoing a rapid transformation, and we are delighted to be partnering with Maven Shepherd to help the Denpoo brand keep in step with these changes. The traditional approach to brand-building no longer applies as the world turns digital, and Maven Shepherd understands this well,” commented Yeane Lim, CEO of PT Denpoo Mandiri Indonesia.

“In order to take our company to the next level, we needed a partner who could provide a fresh perspective on our brand and challenge our thinking, strategically and creatively. We are clear about the kind of brand we want to be, and Maven Shepherd is working with us to reflect our vision in our new branding campaigns,” added Marco Philip, Managing Director of PT Denpoo Mandiri Indonesia.

Among other initiatives, Maven Shepherd will be spearheading Denpoo’s rebranding efforts, which will see a fresh take on the brand’s current packaging designs. In addition to crafting a new corporate identity, Denpoo will also shift its focus towards creating products that will reflect and cater to the needs of the modern Indonesian household. Maven Shepherd is expected to craft ideal branding strategies for the company’s key efforts and to derive a key brand message, which will then be applied to marketing campaigns executed in collaboration with the other agencies.

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Mario Khoe

Mario is the founder of Maven Shepherd, as well as the Strategy and Creative Director. Mario ultimately oversees the strategic and creative direction of all projects and all associated activities. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining partnership with our clients in Indonesia, Singapore and Myanmar.

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